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At Mary Brown’s, it’s all about great taste. The kind of great taste that can only come from premium ingredients and careful, attentive preparation.

Did You Know?

Our Signature Chicken Is

  • Canada Grade A, delivered whole and fresh
  • Marinated, hand cut, hand breaded and cooked fresh
  • Prepared in small batches, in each store

Our Taters Are

  • Made from whole, fresh potatoes grown by Canadian farmers
  • Delivered in big brown bags to each store
  • Cut, seasoned and crafted by hand daily

Our Big Mary Chicken Sandwich Is

  • Handmade in-store from a whole Canada Grade A chicken breast
  • Made with no fillers
  • Canada’s favourite! * According to the Daily Hive

Even Our Coleslaw Is

  • Handmade in each store from whole fresh carrots and cabbage

Our Secret

Mary Brown’s has developed its very own proprietary cookers. Rather than pressure fried, which is the industry standard, our cookers use heat to seal in juiciness and flavour and give our chicken its delicious natural golden colour.

Mary Brown’s is real, wholesome, comfort food, made fresh daily. It’s always been that way – and always will be. We won’t settle for less.

The Mary Brown’s Story

It was 1969. While the world watched the first man walk on the moon, we celebrated the first Guest walking through our doors in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. Needless to say, it was a giant leap for chicken. Word quickly spread and stores opened across the province. It soon became the chicken of choice. Iconic even. It was time to, pardon the pun, spread our wings.

By 1972, the secret of Mary Brown’s tantalizing chicken was out. Two stores opened in Ontario that year in Oshawa and Mississauga. From there, growth expanded west to Alberta, back east to the Maritimes, out to the Prairies and more recently, all the way to British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

Today there are almost 200 Mary Brown’s locations across Canada, and that number keeps climbing rapidly – coast-to-coast, in small towns and big cities – as more and more Canadians fall in love with our delicious food! Sit tight, we’ll be in your neighbourhood soon!

Mary Brown's Old Store

100% Canadian

Mary Brown’s Chicken is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

We source our chicken and potatoes locally from Canadian farmers. We support the Canadian communities our stores call home.

Our way of doing things is decidedly Canadian too – be polite, keep your promises and put people first. No matter how many stores we open across this great country, we’ll stick by those values.

100% Canadian

It All Started with Mary

Mary Brown was a real woman with an incredible recipe for fried chicken. After serving it to her family for years, her husband decided that the rest of the world deserved to eat as well as he did. He met with two wise businessmen from Newfoundland, who immediately fell in love with Mary’s chicken. They bought the recipe and started a chicken revolution In Canada. (Dramatic yes, but we take our chicken very seriously!)

After a short time using the name Golden Skillet, the restaurant was named Mary Brown’s in honour of the woman behind the recipe. Decades later, Mary continues to inspire us!

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