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Mary Brown knows a lot about a lot of things.
And because she’s so darn nice,
she wants to share.

Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters is not your typical “fast food” restaurant. Our menu items are not only lovingly Made Fresh from Scratch™; they’re also made by real people who genuinely want to make Guests happy.

With that in mind, Mary’s Blog features great ideas from the team at Mary Brown’s – recipes that pair well with our Chicken, kitchen tips, even décor ideas – a little something extra that says “we care”. ‘Cause we do!!

Check back every month for Mary’s latest blog!

How to Host a Newfoundland Kitchen Party

Newfoundlanders are known far and wide for their hospitality and love of life. If you’re from the island or have ever visited, you know that the very best Newfoundland parties are held in the kitchen – where it’s informal, cozy and close to the food! If you want to bring all the warmth and charm of a Newfoundland Kitchen Party to your next soiree, invite lots of fun-loving friends and try some of Mary’s ideas below. Oh what a ‘time’ you’ll have!

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Nachos Inspired by Mary – YUM!

Football season and hockey season are upon us – not to mention fun evenings spent watching a movie with friends and family. It’s SNACK time and Mary’s got you covered.

Yes, of course, Mary Brown’s delicious Made Fresh from Scratch Chicken is the “starting line-up” for this recipe. Buy extra the next time you’re bringing home a Feast and try to keep some aside (WARNING: Due to the crave-ability of Mary Brown’s Chicken, this may prove impossible!) for this treat.

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How to Make a ‘Fancy’ Meal with Mary Brown’s!

Mary Brown’s is quick and convenient to bring home and feed your family and friends – not to mention delicious and Made Fresh from Scratch™! But sometimes, you want to impress just a little. Maybe it’s a birthday party or an anniversary or a welcome home dinner. People love Mary Brown’s for all kinds of occasions! And remember, when you serve Mary Brown’s, that frees up your time to enjoy the party!

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