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Lunch. Snack. Dinner. Sneak treat for the drive home. They’re Chicken Pop-Ins – bite-sized, highly addictive and totally delicious. Every mouthful is made fresh from 100% white breast meat, handcrafted in store and served with love.
5 piece Meal Deal includes medium Taters or Fries, medium Salad and 2 x 355 ml Pepsi® products
1, 2, 3 and 4 piece Meal Deals include small Taters or Fries, small Salad and 355 ml Pepsi® product
Mary’s got chicken and more chicken, enough for any appetite, so bring yours in today! What really matters is that however many pieces of our Signature Chicken you get, they’ll all be Made Fresh from Scratch™, seasoned to perfection and irresistibly good.
When they said “good things come in small packages”, we’re pretty sure Mini Mary™ was what they had in mind. Just imagine, all the beauty of our signature Big Mary® but half the size. You get the great flavour you love packed into a mini bun. The only thing full size is the pickle slice on top.
You tell us we have the best Chicken and we believe you. So why not try something a little different and wrap it up? We’ll prepare it how you like in either “spiced up”, Caesar, Fiesta or Ranch style. The thing is, when it’s Made Fresh from Scratch™, you can’t go wrong, my friend.
Get ready to get messy. Trust us, it’s worth it. Made with our Signature marinated Chicken, hand pulled and zested up with our special BBQ sauce and then topped off with our cool coleslaw. Then we try and keep all that goodness inside a fresh sesame seed bun. Good luck!
Canada loves our Signature sandwich. It’s understandable, really. Tender, plump and juicy, Big Mary® is a whole, 100% white meat chicken breast sandwich, marinated to perfection right in store. Then we season it our special way, add crisp lettuce and cool mayo and surround it in a fresh sesame seed bun. And just because we’ve done it this way for decades, we put a pickle on top. Fun.
What do you get when you poutine-ize our famous Made Fresh from Scratch™ Taters? Only a gooey, delectable, divine plateful of yummy that you’ll lick clean, that’s all! On their own or as a side dish, you’ve never had poutine until you’ve had Mary’s Tater Poutine™. That’s a fact, Jack.
Bragging’s not our style, but we have to give our Chicken Fingers a thumb’s up. You see, they’re made from 100% chicken breast (no ‘pieces & bits’ for us) and then they’re seasoned and cooked à la Mary. The result is strips of chicken that’ll make your mouth water and your heart sing. No really! It happens to us all the time.
Kids know what they like. Mary Brown’s Chicken, for example. We keep the little ones crunching happily with yummy meals made to please. Plus, everything’s Made Fresh from Scratch™ from Canada Grade A Chicken. (We won’t tell the kids if you don’t.)
Sometimes you just gotta “wing it” and when you do, these are the ones to go for. Mary’s beauties are plump, succulent, moist, juicy and well, you get the picture. Top ‘em how you like and dig in. We’ll include napkins, but if you feel like it, use your sleeve. We’re all friends here.
6, 9, 13 and 18 piece boxes or as many individual pieces as your tummy demands!
Expecting a crowd? Bring home a Mary Brown’s Party Pack and make ‘em all smile! Comes with juicy, Made Fresh from Scratch™ Chicken done Mary’s way, fluffy, perfectly seasoned Taters and tasty Salads to round it out. Just add music and get the party started! 20 piece Party Pack includes large Taters, large Fries and 2 medium Salads 30 piece Party Pack includes large taters, large Fries and 4 medium Salads
The name really says it all. When you’ve got a hungry gang on your hands, our Feasts are just the ticket. You can’t go wrong with Mary’s Signature Chicken. We start with plump, Canada Grade A chicken, then we marinate it and season it just right and then we cook it until it glows golden brown. Always Made Fresh from Scratch™ every day. Yes, indeed!
10, 13, and 18 piece Feasts include large Taters or Fries, large Salad and large Gravy
8 piece Feasts include medium Taters or Fries, medium Salad and medium Gravy
At Mary Brown’s we take the word ‘value’ seriously. That means when you order from our Value Menu you get some of Mary’s favourites, always Made Fresh from Scratch, always at terrific prices – and without even clipping a coupon! Beat that!
You know what really rounds out a meal from Mary Brown’s? Our salads. You can get Coleslaw, Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad. Or all 3. Just make sure you get plenty ‘cause they go with everything!
Mary’s Gravy is so good, we should list it as a beverage! But here’s a better idea. Grab some of our Chicken. Then grab some of our Taters. Then grab lots of our Gravy. Then dunk, devour and repeat. That’s our simple recipe for happiness and we thought we should share it.
If you’re inspired by the words crispy, golden and tantalizing, try our zesty Onion Rings. A great snack on their own or add them to any meal for extra nibbling!
Yep, people come for Mary’s Chicken and stay for Mary’s Chicken, but they always grab some Taters. That’s because we take real potatoes and hand cut them in-store. No fillers or fancy stuff. Then we season them and cook them to perfect crispiness. Eat ‘em on their own, or dunk ‘em in gravy. Be honest, aren’t you kinda craving Taters right now?
Tough to resist this classic, we know. We take signature Mary Brown’s Chicken and pile it inside fresh bread. Then we show it no mercy by smothering it in our famous Gravy. The kind of food your Mom would warm your insides up with, right?
Nothing tops off a delicious Mary Brown’s meal like your favourite Pepsi® product. Unless you’d rather milk or water or juice even. It’s up to you! The beautiful thing is that no matter which drink you choose, it’s gonna taste great with our Chicken.