Trust. Respect. Integrity.
At Mary Brown's, every menu item starts with these three ingredients.

When we say at Mary Brown’s that we have “Operators Who Care”, we mean it from the heart! Our Franchisees, Corporate Managers and Store Managers are chosen as much for their attitude as their skills.

First and foremost, our Operators care about their Team. Above training, rewards and recognition, Mary Brown’s Operators empower their Associates to make decisions that lead to superior Guest service. It means that you can trust a Mary Brown’s Associate to give your questions and concerns the attention they deserve.

Our Operators care about their Neighbourhoods and Communities. We want to earn the respect of our fellow businesses and residents. You’ll find Mary Brown’s Franchisees, Corporate Managers and Store Managers get involved with community events and causes. After all, that’s what our Chicken is for – sharing and enjoying with friends and family!

Our Operators care about their Guests! We want every visit to Mary Brown’s to be outstanding. We pledge to do our utmost to build your devotion. If we fall short, please let us know.

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