Meet Tyler Jarvis


Our Franchisee in Lloydminster. Unit 1, 4304 40th Ave., Lloydminster, SK and 101-5001 18th St., Lloydminster, AB

Tyler Jarvis was just 24 years old when he joined Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters as a Franchise Partner. Although young, we immediately knew his dedication and skill would lead to great results. We were right! Five years later, Tyler has two stores in Lloydminster, with plans to open a third Mary Brown’s location in 2018. Tyler was also recognized as Mary Brown’s Franchisee of the Year in 2014 for his exceptional performance and commitment to operational excellence.


Tyler worked in the road construction industry for 6 years prior to opening a Mary Brown’s restaurant. He credits his boss, Al Poulin, for teaching him about passion and duty – and to “take life by the horns”. Tyler says, “I had always wanted to go into business for myself and enjoyed working in restaurants when I was younger. When researching for opportunities, Dad and I discovered the Mary Brown’s brand and I immediately fell in love with the idea of fresh cut potatoes – and it grew from there!”

Passion for the Job

Tyler’s favourite part of owning two Mary Brown’s franchises is working side-by-side with his staff, mentoring them and sharing his vision for the stores – and for life success. He explains, “I love seeing growth in people and building them up. I strive to teach the younger generation about work ethic, duty, passion, respect, fairness and equality. I involve my staff in the big picture of the business and encourage them to contribute to our vision. Without staff members like, John, Jay-Ar, Michael, Dexter, Brandin, Carol, Pathik, Trinity, Leo, and Cedric, to name a few, I would be lost.”


Tyler believes Mary Brown’s biggest challenge is awareness. (Mary Brown’s is working on that!) It’s ensuring that people know what makes us special – our Canadian heritage and that our food is made fresh in-store every day, Tyler says, “I've gotten into the habit of eating chicken sandwiches when I take my family out to dinner at other establishments to see if the chicken compares. I haven't found anything that matches ours.”

Community Focused

“My family all lives in Lloydminster,” Tyler says, “Lloydminster is my community where I’m raising my children. As the owner of the restaurant, operating hands on in my stores, I’m proud to really be part of the community.” Last year, Tyler’s stores raised funds for the local food bank and gave a Free Big Mary Chicken Sandwich to anyone who donated a non-perishable food bank item. He is excited to do more! “My dream is to raise $10,000 dollars in an event for a local cause!” 

Looking to the Future

Tyler summarizes, “I feel strongly about the fact that Mary Brown’s is 100% Canadian with Newfoundland roots. Someday soon this brand will be a household name across the country. I plan to be part of that success.”


Devin Pickering