Made Fresh from Scratch™ is more than just a slogan. It’s our promise to YOU.

A lot of restaurants and chains are talking about freshness these days. It’s become trendy to make freshness claims. The trouble is, many of them are skewed to make their menu items seem fresh, when the truth is, they’re anything but. (We’re not going to point fingers. They know who they are.) 

At Mary Brown’s, Made Fresh from Scratch™ is a way of life. It ensures superior quality and perfect taste. This is real, wholesome, comfort food, made daily by Operators Who Care.

We will not settle for less. 

Straight Talk on Freshness

At Mary Brown’s, we’ve been preparing our menu items fresh from scratch for almost 50 years. We’ve always done it that way, we always will. Mary Brown’s doesn’t need to hop on the freshness bandwagon; we’re the ones leading the parade.

Here’s what you need to know about Mary Brown’s products:

Our Chicken is:
  • Canada Grade A, delivered whole and fresh
  • Marinated, hand cut, breaded and cooked daily in each store
  • Prepared in small batches, preserving the quality of the chicken
Our Taters are:
  • Cut from real, farm fresh potatoes
  • Delivered in big brown bags to each store
  • Cut, seasoned and prepared by hand daily
No nonsense, no pretense. No fillers, no fuss.

Did you know?

Mary Brown’s has developed its very own proprietary cookers. Rather than pressure fried, which is the industry’s “fast and furious” standard, our cookers seal in juiciness, prevent greasiness and create a delicious natural golden colour. It’s just one more plus for Mary!


The Big Mary® Story:
How to Achieve Made Fresh from Scratch™ Perfection in a Chicken Sandwich


Start with a whole Canada Grade A Chicken breast; nothing added, no preservatives.


Do a butterfly cut by hand to shape the breast perfectly.


Marinate for 24 hours.


Bread by hand using Mary’s amazing southern chicken recipe dating back 50 years. (In fact, it dates back to a centuries-old mix from Scotland!)


Cook in proprietary cookers developed by Mary Brown's, using heat not pressure. This allows the chicken breast to be properly cooked to the centre, preserves the taste and keeps it juicy! (BTW, this is also the reason our Chicken is light natural colour, rather than dark like our competition.)


Place the Chicken on a fresh steamed bun with crispy lettuce and mayo.


Crown with a pickle.


Serve hot and made to order. No warming lamps for Big Mary!


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