Mary Brown’s Food Goes Great with…

What beverage goes great with Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken on a hot summer’s day? How about lemonade? Like our southern style chicken, lemonade is a summer staple – and when you make it fresh from scratch, it’s an especially perfect match!

Here’s one of Mary’s favourite lemonade recipes. It’s quick, easy and SO refreshing!

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How to Host a Perfect Picnic, Mary Style!

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to head outside for picnics! It goes without saying that Mary Brown’s makes a great picnic treat. It’s Made Fresh from Scratch, it’s everybody’s favourite food – and of course – it’s delicious!

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How to Make a ‘Fancy’ Meal with Mary Brown’s!

Mary Brown’s is quick and convenient to bring home and feed your family and friends – not to mention delicious and Made Fresh from Scratch™! But sometimes, you want to impress just a little. Maybe it’s a birthday party or an anniversary or a welcome home dinner. People love Mary Brown’s for all kinds of occasions! And remember, when you serve Mary Brown’s, that frees up your time to enjoy the party!

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A Recipe from Mary

Mary’s Chicken Tacos in Ranch-Jalapeño Sauce

Is there any such thing as leftover Mary Brown’s Chicken? Likely not! The Made Fresh from Scratch™ taste of Mary Brown’s doesn’t sit around for long!  : )

BUT…if you should find yourself with some Chicken Pop-Ins™ or Chicken Fingers and you want to try something fun and zesty – this recipe fits the bill. 

Serve with Mary Brown’s Coleslaw, Macaroni or Potato Salad for a delicious family dinner.

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