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How to Host a Newfoundland Kitchen Party

Newfoundlanders are known far and wide for their hospitality and love of life. If you’re from the island or have ever visited, you know that the very best Newfoundland parties are held in the kitchen – where it’s informal, cozy and close to the food! If you want to bring all the warmth and charm of a Newfoundland Kitchen Party to your next soiree, invite lots of fun-loving friends and try some of Mary’s ideas below. Oh what a ‘time’ you’ll have!

  • Delicious Local Food. We recommend traditional Newfoundland food like cod tongues, fish ‘n’ brewis, figgy duff and toutons – or better yet – pick up lots of Mary Brown’s Chicken & Taters. It’s been a staple for Newfoundlanders & Labradorians since 1969.
  • Toe-tapping Music. No sitting in the corner! Everybody gets up for a ‘scuff’ at a Newfoundland Kitchen Party. Be sure you have some Irish jigs and reels in the mix. Break out the ‘spoons’ and play along with the jigs!
  • Mummers. A Newfoundland tradition dating back to 1819. During Christmas season, people disguise their identities using clothes and even household items like lamp shades and travel door to door to neighbours’ homes for impromptu kitchen parties with food and drinks. The goal is to identify the masked visitors and have a grand time!
  • Screech-In. If you’re a ‘come from away’, this hilarious ceremony decrees you as an honorary Newfoundlander. Warning – you have to kiss a cod fish and drink a shot of rum to qualify!
  • Sou’westers. This oilskin fisherman’s hat is bright yellow and water proof, worn during severe weather. For your Newfoundland Kitchen Party it’s also an excellent prop for fun photos!
  • Camera. To capture memories and post them online for all to enjoy!

Have fun at your Newfoundland Kitchen Party and ‘long may your big jib draw’!

by nico | July 16, 2018