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How to Make Your Kitchen More Cozy

Mary knows that great food tastes even better when it’s shared at home with friends and family. When the meal is casual, the kitchen is the best place to relax and enjoy!

How can you make your kitchen more welcoming and cozier? Here are a few of Mary’s favourite ideas:

  • Don’t hide your dishes. Open shelves or glass front cupboards let you showcase your everyday dishes and your special pieces. It adds so much warmth and charm to your kitchen.
  • Add plants and herbs. Greenery not only cleans the air naturally, it makes a space feel calmer and more organic.
  • Create an inviting scent. Whether you like to burn lavender incense, use a grapefruit-scented cleanser or simply bake cookies – there’s nothing more welcoming than a scent that says the kitchen is lived in and enjoyed!
  • Add a throw rug. If you have ceramic or tile floors, add a small throw rug for instant panache and warmth. Suggestion: Choose cotton or washable wool that’s easy to spot clean or launder.
  • Display a bowl of fruit. Colourful, beautiful and nutritious! What’s not to like about a bowl of fruit on your counter? Sit, have a bite and enjoy nature’s bounty.
  • Chalkboard display. Welcome your guests with a chalkboard message or list the menu for a special dinner. Get your kids to draw something!
  • Don’t forget a touch of yellow! They say every room needs a little yellow to be inviting. If you love yellow, consider sunshine-y yellow paint on the walls. For yellow accents, try a bouquet of fresh flowers, a yellow wall clock or a whimsical yellow kettle.
  • Serve Mary Brown’s! Honestly, what could make a kitchen cozier than the irresistible aroma of our Chicken served hot and fresh – and the big smiles from friends and family around the table?!

by Darlene Giles | August 23, 2017