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How to Host a Perfect Picnic, Mary Style!

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to head outside for picnics!

It goes without saying that Mary Brown’s makes a great picnic treat.

It’s Made Fresh from Scratch, it’s everybody’s favourite food – and of course – it’s delicious!

Thanks to Mary, you’ve got the menu figured out, but what else does it take to make a picnic memorable?

Here are a few ideas to ensure your picnic is extra special:

Bring zipper storage bags for dirty utensils.

No need to mess up your picnic tote. (PS If you want to impress, no plastic cutlery!)

Use muffin tins to display condiments, sauces, etc.

it looks cool and keeps everything in easy reach.

Choose the perfect blanket.

Don’t just grab any blanket – set the mood! How about florals? Or a patchwork quilt? Or zebra print?

Match it up.

Why not use pretty, high quality plastic plates that complement your blanket? And colourful paper napkins that also match? There’s no reason a picnic can’t be stylish!

Keep it cozy.

If there’s a chance the ground is damp, bring along a shower curtain liner to put under your blanket.

Beverages tray.

Beverages are tricky to keep balanced on grass. Bring along a tray to rest them on so they stay steady.

Don’t forget a garbage bag and recycling bag.

Leave nature as beautiful you found it.

Enjoy the warmer weather – and the opportunity to savour Mary Brown’s Made Fresh from Scratch food in the great outdoors!

by Darlene Giles | April 18, 2017