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How to Make a ‘Fancy’ Meal with Mary Brown’s!

Mary Brown’s is quick and convenient to bring home and feed your family and friends – not to mention delicious and Made Fresh from Scratch™! But sometimes, you want to impress just a little. Maybe it’s a birthday party or an anniversary or a welcome home dinner. People love Mary Brown’s for all kinds of occasions! And remember, when you serve Mary Brown’s, that frees up your time to enjoy the party!

Here are a few ways to ‘dress up’ a Mary Brown’s meal and make it extra special

Put on a tablecloth. Gingham or a pretty floral pattern looks beautiful with Mary’s golden brown Chicken. If you’re feeling trendy, plaids are ‘in’!

Use real dishes. Call me crazy, but food tastes better on nice dishware. Basic white is always perfect. A popular trend is to use a different dinner plate for each of your guests. Old mix and match antique plates fit the bill and look lovely!

Put the Chicken, Taters, Salads, etc. in real glass bowls. Even put the gravy in a gravy boat! Sure, it’s a little extra effort, but I promise, your guests will appreciate it.

Use bright napkins. If you want to go all out with cloth napkins, please do. But if paper makes more sense, choose something bright and fun. We like blue, red, orange or yellow – Mary Brown’s colours!

Add a fruit salad for dessert. A bowl of fresh fruit is light, fresh and always welcome after a hearty meal!

Serve wine. Why not? In fact, wine’s acidity keeps your palate refreshed so you’ll want to take another bite of Chicken! Sparkling white wines are incredible with Mary’s southern style recipe. Rieslings too – choose one that’s on the sweet side.

Be silly! If it’s a fun gathering, maybe a child’s birthday, include a ‘chicken’ joke for each guest. Place cards make it easy. Include the child’s name and a joke like: ‘Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide!’ You can find lots of fun chicken jokes online.

Fancy or casual, enjoy your meal and the time spent with family and friends!

by Darlene Giles | March 14, 2017