When we’re at home, there’s nothing we love more than a great meal with fresh ingredients. We wouldn’t give you anything different.

Our chicken is fresh, never processed, and we marinate and season it all by hand, then cook it to perfection to give you the plumpest, juiciest chicken you’ll ever taste.

We’re famous for our taters too, and for good reason. Every morning, our taters start the day as fresh potatoes. That is, until we clean them, hand cut them, and cook them with love and care, the same way we do when we’re serving our own families. And when you pair our taters with our gravy, you’ve got a down home meal that’s perfect for sharing.

We guarantee that all our chicken is Canada Grade A, and prepared fresh in-store, every day. That’s our Honest to Goodness Guarantee.


Proud to offer dietary choices including Halal. Click here for locations.


Only at Mary Brown’s! Get solid Belgian Chocolate taters in the shape of our regular taters. Get them while they last when you purchase a Feast with Treat or a Merry Mary Meal.

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