What do we mean by keeping it honest? It’s in the smiles that greet you when you walk through our door, the cleanliness of our restaurants, and our neighbourly approach to great service.

Our approach to keeping it honest begins with the friendly spirit found in those very first stores we opened over 46 years ago in St. John’s Newfoundland, it’s alive and well in our newest locations popping up in cities and towns all across Canada, and it’s also in the food we carefully prepare for you in store every single day.

We’re here for you

Keeping it honest means appreciating how busy life can get. Sometimes, the simple things like getting the family together around the dinner table can be quite the challenge. Helping you make satisfying food choices that everybody loves is one of the reasons so many people visit us when they’re on the go. Our Family Feasts are the perfect pick up when you’re looking for a little extra time with the gang.

“Hey! How are you? Come on in and have a seat”. That’s likely the kind of greeting you’ll get when you get to know your Mary Brown’s. Sure, our people are pros, but we don’t work off a script. Our smiles are heartfelt and genuine. We treat you with the honesty of a trusted neighbour who’d like nothing more than to share some good times and great food.

We like to think that by being down to earth, we’re creating a place you’ll enjoy visiting again and again. That means our stores are bright and clean, our staff is friendly, and your experience is always enjoyable. In short, our home is yours, and we’re happy to have you