Creating goodness is what we do. From our homemade chicken and taters to our welcoming atmosphere, to giving back to the community, we create goodness with pride, every single day. Because at the end of the day, we’re your neighbours and friends, and we’re all in it together.

We love to make great food!

We only use the highest quality products to prepare meals for our Guests. It all starts on the farm. We select only the finest quality fresh Canada Grade A chicken for all of our meals, and don’t forget the spuds! Yep, our taters start the day as real potatoes. Nothing processed or phony.

Our chicken is prepared fresh daily in-store, and is marinated and seasoned by hand, then we get them all plump and juicy in our very own Mary Brown’s cookers. This guarantees that our perfectly-flavoured chicken is the tastiest chicken you’ll ever have, every time you visit.

To create the perfect tater you can’t use anything but real potatoes, and in our opinion, to freeze them would be a crime. In our hands, taters have become a work of crunchy, fluffy art. First we wash them, hand cut them, then season and cook them to perfection. It’s no surprise that people sometimes drop by just for the taters.